Clothes made from such premium materials as cashmere, merino, silk and angora require special attention from their owners. Below you will find general recommendations for the care of delicate garments, following which will allow you to keep their original appearance longer.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the sewn-in care label. It may be that only dry cleaning is recommended for your garment.

Hand washing at a water temperature not exceeding 30 ° C will avoid shrinkage of knit wear. We recommended using only special liquid detergents for cashmere and wool. Transparent shampoos are also possible. Before washing, thoroughly dissolve the detergent in water and turn the garment inside out. Without soaking, gently squeeze the garment and then rinse in water.

After rinsing, without twisting, we recommend gently squeezing the garment and placing it on a cloth that absorbs moisture, such as a towel. Next, the garment along with the towel must be very delicately twisted into a roll in order to get rid of excess water and then spread on a flat surface in a straightened form leaving it to dry completely. We do not recommend hanging garments or drying them near heating devices or in the sun
Turn the garment inside out, use the delicate setting and some steam. Iron the garment through a thin, steam-permeable fabric.

We recommend storing garments folded in a dry, dark place. Hanging clothes on hangers is not recommended, as they can deform and stretch at the shoulders. Be sure to place moth repellents in the storage area, for example, lavender or a block of red cedar, which, by the way, has a pleasant forest smell.