Impeccable quality in everything
FREE AGE is the embodiment of the dream of our founder, Tatiana Zatravina. The idea of the project was to revive the production of knitted clothes in Russia and to create a fashion product that is competitive in the world market.

The brand was founded in 2017, the year of its first women's wear collection, in the cultural capital of Russia which has strong societal associations with the history and culture of the city, family and human values and high standards for quality of life.

FREE AGE collections are created exclusively from selected high quality yarns. The main active ingredients are cashmere, silk, merino wool, long-staple cotton, viscose, angora, and alpaca. The brand cooperates with leading manufacturers from Italy, Mongolia and China.

Thanks to our demanding attitude to quality source material, the FREE AGE brand is held in increasingly high regard with each new collection from both its customers and experts from the world fashion industry.

The foundation of the FREE AGE brand is not only about clothing but the people that create it. Our team gives the collection its soul, mood and character, which is especially evident in the knit-wear collection. The versatility and passion for business of our bright, creative and experienced designers, producers, textile designers and managers is reflected in every step of the company along its path.

The brand is committed to the principles of fair trade and is aware of social responsibility. It participates in the economic development of the industry and creates comfortable working conditions for employees.
The brand is clearly aware of the problem of the overproduction of fast fashion. It leads to resource depletion and environmental pollution. We manufacture limited edition batches and are committed to using natural materials to minimize environmental damage.

The reduced production volume allows us to focus on the quality of each product and fulfill the desire for impeccable quality. The garments will serve their owner for many years and thus stimulate sustainable consumption.
The FREE AGE brand creates its garments at its own production facility in the center of St Petersburg.

The main feature of knitwear production is a high-tech base, without which it is impossible to ensure either circulation or stable product quality. At the launch stage, a technology partner was chosen, the Japanese company Shima Seiki, a recognized leader and innovator in knitwear production automation. This step became a guarantee of the quality of future products and the beginning of the path to recognition from our first customers and partners.

Hand made
Most of our garments are assembled by hand on linking machines. The loop-to-loop assembly method creates a perfect seam. This method allows you to perfectly fit the finishing parts, to obtain expansible seams. This gives the product a finished and expensive look.

Up to 10 brand specialists come into contact with the garments during the production process. Every element, detail, seam is carefully checked and each pair of hands leaves some of their warmth and care on each piece.
Today, the brand's products are gaining the attention of different audiences. The brand's clothing is equally in demand by the most discerning customers both in Russia and abroad, especially in Europe. At the same time, our clients are united by one thing: the desire to wear clothes of exceptional quality, where this quality is a combination of design, natural materials, performance, and most importantly comfort and the pleasure of possession.

Customers chose FREE AGE for exceptional quality